Greeks emotions and facial expressions

Greeks have acting and oratory in their blood. They just love loudly and emotionally express their views on any occasion. Hands are the active tool in the conversation. Greeks use familiar to us handshaking only when they have a first meet with each other.

In order to greet each other second time it is just enough to wave a hand. If you want to say farewell just lift the arm.

You can show your outrage by giving an open palm with fingers spread in the direction of the interlocutor entity. The extreme degree of neglect is to shake off invisible dust on your jacket lapel. If you notice that the other person is deceiving you, pat yourself on right cheek by back part of the fingers as if checking to see if you have a good shave in the morning.Your Greek friend will be embarrassed and will realize that it got to the core.

How to convey to others what you do not want to continue this boring conversation, and arguments are too minor? Just tap on the forehead with fist and then make the air a circular gesture of the hand, if you drive off annoying fly.

You can also answer «Yes» or «No» without the words. Noding your head down means consent, throwing the head back up — denial. Familiar to us head rocking from side to side with the Greeks means a strong surprise. The same emotion in the superlative degree that means «God forbid, O Lord! What a nightmare! I'm shocked!» you can show by twitching of a jacket collar.

You’ll find such a gesture at the restaurant: fingers collected in a pinch, hand slowly descends from the top down which means that the meal was amazing delicious. If you want to say something, tap the finger on your lower lip. You can thank the interlocutor by putting right hand on the heart and head nodding.Greek keeps silent only when he is sleeping.

Morning in a Greek family begins with the cheerful songs and endless conversations continued for a delicious breakfast. Coming to the work, local people talking to each other so enthusiastically and excitedly, though they had not seen for a year, and in the evening Greeks go with their friends to bars or pubs to have a long talk.

Pay attention to the face of the Greeks. Both men and women actively use facial muscles to express their attitude to literally to every word. They enthusiastically shouting and change the tone and timbre of the voice, accelerating when they talk about something important and slow their speech, referring to the sad events.

Greeks like when tourists actually communicate their native language — the language of gestures, facial expressions and genuine emotion. Even without knowing the Greek language, but being an emotional person you will feel that Greece is your native land.

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